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Safety Commitee Members

The Edwin L. Heim Company Safety Committee is comprised of the following individuals:


  • Colby Betz (Safety Director)
  • Sam Bashore (Executive Vice President)
  • Rick Berkheimer (Vice President)
  • Steve Clark (Mechanical Service, Manager)
  • Dwayne Donnelly (Electrical Service, Manager)
  • Ed Grimm (Vice President - Mechanical)
  • Zach Strausbaugh (Wiring Foreman)
  • Cory Keys (Industrial Motor & Control Shop Foreman) 
  • Shawn Furlow (Motor Shop Salesman)
  • Dwayne Miller (Warehouse Assistant Manager)
  • Dan Hurley (GES Technology, Inc.)
  • Michele Parson (Administrative Assistant)
  • Chris Seaman (Electrical Serviceman)
  • Eric Sheibley (Mechanical Serviceman)
  • Barry Peck (Electrical Foreman)
  • Clint Kitner (Electrical Foreman)
  • Rick Fetchko (Mechanical Foreman)
  • Jason Barrick (Mechanical Serviceman)


The Edwin L. Heim Safety Committee is a diverse group of individuals representing each department of our company working as a team to make our company a safe place to work.




2019 Safety Committee Meeting Minutes (January)
2019 01 January Minutes.docx
Microsoft Word document [29.3 KB]

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