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Electrical Service

Service Capabilities

  • Preventative Maintenance - We will provide servicing and cleaning for your transformers, switch gear and other equipment where performance and reliability is necessary. We will provide testing of your transformer and circuit breakers. We also provide testing and transferring of your generator and will set your company up on a schedule to help insure your generator will work when needed.
  • Electrical - Industrial - We provide a wide range of services for your industrial needs; equipment installation and troubleshooting, lighting upgrades and repairs, service installation and upgrades to general electrical installation.
  • Electrical - Commercial - We provide a wide range of services for your commercial needs; installation of lights and outlets to providing service upgrades for your business.
  • Telecommunications - We install grocery chain front ends, cash registers, scanning, scale wiring and phone systems.

Service Equipment

  • Line Truck - Our line truck is capable of drilling 18" and 24" holes for the installation of bollards, light standard bases, and customer owned utility poles.
  • Bucket Truck - We have 3 trucks which we use for repair and installation of light standards, signs, fixtures and other general uses where height is needed. Our trucks extend to 44' and 60'.
  • Power Quality - We provide power quality testing with our Dranetz PP4300 portable test unit. This powerful testing unit is capable of measuring:


volts, true RMS energy
amps, true RMS sags
watts swells
volt amps voltage total harmonic distortion
volt amps reactive current total harmonic distortion
power factor nth harmonic, voltage & current
frequency K factor
voltage imbalance individual harmonics to the 50th
current crest factor transients, voltage and current


Emergency Service - We provide 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service.

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