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The Telecommunications Division of the Edwin L. Heim Company strives to be a full-service provider for structured cabling systems for business clients.  Edwin L. Heim Company offers design, installation, maintenance and 24 hour emergency service for your voice, data and video systems ranging from single phone installations to multiple buildings including outside plant campus environments. Edwin L. Heim Company gives you the advantages of a large company's skills and training with a small company's entrepreneurial vision and cost effective approach to our clients.


We pride ourselves in providing you with the same service and professionalism you have received since 1931. Edwin L. Heim Company has been successfully installing telecommunication projects since 1984. We dedicate ourselves to keeping our clients aware of the latest technologies and standards for their structured cable system designs and installation.


The Edwin L. Heim Company offers thoroughly trained personnel from BICSI “Registered Communication Distribution Designers” on staff, to BICSI certified installers/technicians that are also certified by the following manufacturer's:


Corning EWP Systimax
Tyco (AMP) Inc. Ortronics
Leviton Sumitomo Electric (Air Blown Fiber)
Siemon Company 3M Volition
Hubbell STI,Nelson and 3M Fireproofing Certifications


Customer Benefits

Edwin L. Heim Company is committed to the telecommunications industry and has made the necessary investments in equipment and training to provide our personnel with the best equipment available including: Fluke DTX 1800 copper and fiber optic power meter testers, Sumitomo Electric and AFL fusion splice equipment , fiber optic OTDR’s. A list of customer installations will be supplied upon request.


State of the art technology and analysis software, coupled with AutoCAD, enables our design team to produce, accurate installation drawings. For your convenience, GES Technology, Inc., our subsidiary, can provide network integration and design.

Networking & Information Technology

The Edwin L. Heim Company's experience with state of the art LAN technologies, including wireless, fiber optic and traditional cabling, provides the framework for quality data communications integration.

MAC (Moves, Adds and Changes) Maintenance

We offer a team of knowledgeable technicians who are thoroughly trained in telephone, data and fiber optic cabling systems. Access to top of the line equipment including fiber optic O.T.D.R.s, power meters, fusion splicers, high end copper testing equipment and a fleet of utility vehicles allows our technicians to provide around the clock emergency and routine maintenance including moves, adds and changes.


Below is a small list of different types of projects that we have experience in:


Health Care Commercial
Heavy Industrial Institutional/Educational
Waste Water Treatment Chemical/Pharmaceutical
Insurance/Financial Retail
Food Processing Campus and Pole Line


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