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Don, Bill :

I wanted to call your attention to some exemplary work completed by a group of E.L. Heim employees.

You may be aware that late Thursday (12/7) a cable was severed a 300 pair cable as a result of construction on the Penn State Hershey Medical Center Campus.  The gravity of the outage was not outwardly apparent as we did not have many trouble tickets associated with the break.

Because of the complexity of our installation and lack of complaints, it took some time to identify the cable which routes to Student Housing and carries telephone service to Emergency gear and the apartments.  Steve Schach and Kevin Catlin came from your service department to help identify the magnitude of the damage. 

About one half of the 300 pair had been severed.  After weighing all repair options, with the help of Craig Miller and Denny Woolridge, we came to a late Friday conclusion of how to proceed - to splice the cable.

Craig promptly produced a quote and gathered the necessary personnel for the repair at a moment's notice.  Your crew (Craig Miller, Terry Kriner, and Brian Higgins) worked from 7 AM - 9:30 PM on Saturday to complete the successful repair of the cable.  In addition to enduring a long, cold 14 hour day they had to work in a small confined space because construction crews decided to pave around the affected area and subsequently reduced the work space.

We are grateful for the work of these gentlemen and any others who helped with the situation as they clearly went beyond the call.


Jim Shillow


HI Cory, 
        I wanted to let you know that we think the world of Mark Bradley. Anytime, we have an electrical situation that requires Heim's assistance, I will request Mark.  His is thorough, conscientious, and very pleasant.   
Thank you, 


Dear Mr. Yingst:

Allow me first to introduce myself.

My name is Jerry Naticchi and I am a computer room supervisor at the Scranton State Office Building.


Your company is currently doing extensive work in my area, supporting our new server farm.  While I have no official capacity with the project, I am, so Harrisburg tells me, the 'point man', (the eyes and ears) of Harrisburg while the project continues onward.  I feel compelled to write to someone at Heim, and you seem to be the logical choice.

There is a member of your staff, who I would like to call to your attention.

I only know his first name - Nate - Nathan.  Nate has made a lasting impression around here.


In my opinion, he has to be, without one bit of exaggeration, the most hardworking, courteous and professional contractor to work on this project.

Do you know, it took me forever to get him to use my first name?

He always addressed me as 'sir'.  Every time I saw Nate he was always working.

I don't ever remember seeing him take a break.  He was either running conduit, pulling wire, on a ladder, under a raised floor, or even outside drilling in a 3 foot hole with water up to his ankles, which by the way he dug by hand.

My dad was an electrician for 50 years.  I know how hard he worked, and what pride he took in his work.  I don't say this lightly; but Nate ranks right up there with my dad.  Their work ethic is right on point, and leaves nothing to the imagination.  You should be proud you have someone like Nate working for Heim.  He makes a fantastic ambassador for the company, and I am impressed!

Needless to say, I pass my impressions on to Harrisburg at every opportunity.





From the what its worth department on the above, the Contractor along with Berkshire did an excellent job in all aspects (workmanship, etc) of this project. Only one issue and that would be a smoke detector will need added in hallway 2010 of which should be a minimal cost (one is 5' away to tap off of). Even though we knew it needed added somehow I missed it on my final drawing review.

Ron Green


As a follow-up to my earlier phone call regarding DSL Carlisle, the unidentified electric line cut during the perimeter fence installation has been temporarily repaired and Dickinson's office is back up and running. The permanent connection will be installed shortly with the final termination will be completed at the pole by PAL. This will completely separate our project from the remaining buildings.

The quickness in which the problem was resolved is a direct result of Dwayne Rush and EL Heim Electric's efforts. Dwayne stayed late and coordinated the effort while EL Heim completed the emergency repair within a four hour time period.




Good afternoon.  Hope you are doing well.  First and foremost I would like to thank you and the guys for your technical support, dedication and commitment while executing the Data and Telecommunication System Commissioning Protocol.  Ken and Kevin were great to work with; they are knowledgeable, diligent, and punctual.  They are definitely an asset to your organization.  Which is why, I would like for you to submit a quote for one individual with drive and experience in the electrical field and controls (automation).  The scope of work entails the execution of Electrical Acceptance Tests, which will require wiring schematics verification, electrical readings (voltage, amperage), I/O Checks, Loop Checks, and other activities.  There are five (5) documents to be executed and a time frame of 2-3 weeks.  If you have a suitable resource available, and this opportunity appeals to your organization, send me a quote and I will deliver it to the evaluation committee for consideration.   If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call. 


Edgardo Cabrera



I believe it is important to recognize exceptional performance.  Therefore, I want you to know that Jack Manotti consistently performs above and beyond the expectations of a general foreman.  He performs the duties of estimator, administrator, and superintendent with great success.  Jack is very proficient with the use of technology, he is organized, and always displays a positive, can-do attitude.

Please let Jack know his hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.



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